Weather Balloon Y-Harness and Shock Cord

3-Point and 4 Point Y-Harness

3-Point and 4-Point Y-Harness allows for a stable payload, this is critical for several reasons. The swivel on top prevents the payload from spinning, while the balloon is, and prevents the lines/parachute from getting tangled or twisted, and in addition allows smooth onboard video.

These harnesses are made from Braided Spectra, that is very light weight which makes it perfect for weather balloons.

There are choices of 3 or 4 lines; each one is 5 feet long, which has a 1” loop on each end that is finger trapped and then sewn.

At the top end is a sewn in stainless swivel that would be attached to the Recovery Shock Cord. These swivels are the best, as they have small ball bearings, are very smooth and have closed rings that cannot be bent open.

These harnesses have 4 open loops, which would be attached to your payload via a knot or zip tie:

3-Point Y Harness with open loops…$23.50
Weight: 8 Grams
4-Point Y Harness with open loops…$25.00
Weight: 10 Grams

These harnesses have 4- 8/32 Eye Bolts with Nuts on each end, providing a very secure attachment point through your payload, this harness is highly recommended:

3-Point Harness with 8/32 Eye Bolts…$30.00
Weight: 25 Grams
4-Point Harness with 8/32 Eye Bolts…$32.00
Weight: 32 Grams

Recovery Shock Cord

These harnesses are only .055” thick, they work perfectly as a connection between the balloon and our parachute, and between the parachute bridle and payload.

There is a small loop and a big loop, 2 Recovery Shock Cords are needed per weather balloon

-1st– Big Loop goes on Weather Balloon, small end slip knots around top of parachute (Cord keeps distance between balloon and parachute so the balloon will not get tangled in parachute after bursting)

-2nd– Big Loop goes on Bridal of Chute, small end attaches on Y-Harness to the payload (Cord keeps distance between parachute and payload so the parachute gets clean, unerupted air from the payload)

Our Spectra Recovery Shock Cord are the strongest in the Weather Balloon community, as each end is finger trapped than sewn.

Not only are they stronger than steel, weight to weight, but they’re designed at a fair price.

These lines are coated in a layer of PTFE; which protects the spectra from UV damage, expands its amazing flexibility and knot strength.

The Spectra Recovery Shock Cord comes in 3 different lengths, all have a 1” loop on one end and 3” loop on other that are finger trapped and then sewed with thread to prevent from tearing.

12ft Recovery Shock Cord…$13.00
15ft Recovery Shock Cord…$15.00
20ft Recovery Shock Cord…$18.00
25ft Recovery Shock Cord…$20.00