Weather Balloon Chute Release

  • During the Descent of a High Altitude Balloon, the Parachute normally opens around 60,000 feet when there’s enough air in the atmosphere to open the parachute. Most payloads will drift to over 100 miles, and can take over an hour to descend. 
  • By using this Parachute Release it will save you from driving so far as the parachute is kept closed until the Chute Release opens. 
  • With this device you can now choose what altitude for the parachute to open on the go without programming, by simply pressing the buttons! This is the only device on the market which can do so.
  • Very simple to use, light weight, and the battery can lasts for multiple days in any weather.
  • Comes with detailed instructions, extra rubber bands, tethers and pins.
  • Compatible with any type of parachute

*If you live near mountains, make sure to set the device high enough. For instance, if you live near a 3,000ft tall mountain, and you set the Chute Release for 4,000ft, the chute would deploy 1,000ft above the mountain, not 4,000ft.

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