Customizations of Parachutes


Custom Colors: We offer a wide variety of color modification options to suit any requirements. Every product is manufactured in-house, and we conveniently carry more than 30 colors in stock. Whether it’s a parachute to match your school colors, to complement the rocket’s color scheme, or to stand out when you need high visibility the most, Rocketman can bring your vision to life!

Custom Logos: Our ability to print right on our 1.1oz Ripstop and 1.9oz Ripstop Nylon makes it easier than ever to customize your order with full-color company branding, advertising, words, and photos. Printing is available on parachutes from 3 feet in diameter all the way to 30 feet. The pristine print quality adds another unique factor to your recovery system that no other manufacturer can offer. To discuss pricing or lead times, please email

Custom Parachute Designs: Whether it’s an ultra-light chute or one designed for high-speed ballistic deployments, every type of parachute has an advantage. Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of aerospace companies worldwide, giving us unparalleled experience manufacturing every possible type of parachute with the quality and precision the industry demands. Our parachutes are designed for uses in rockets, high-altitude balloons, UAVs, fixed-wings, target drones, torpedoes, unmanned spacecraft, sonar buoys, flares, aerial resupply, smoke jumpers, payload stabilization, and cargo delivery.

Custom Modifications: We keep hundreds of different webbings and lines for parachute reinforcement and shock cords in stock; if you don’t see it listed, simply ask. Special modifications are welcome; we can change how the parachute is sewn to match your specific needs. (Some past examples of modifications include sewing a high-performance chute with five-thread serger and adding mil-spec tape over seams for a higher deployment speed, or using 500 lb 3/16” Spectra instead of 500 lb 3/8” Nylon on our larger standard chutes for a more confined packing volume.)