Packing Your Rocketman Parabolic Parachute

There are many ways to properly pack a parachute into a rocket, but also many wrong ways to do so. Folding a parachute can be a total technique that takes time to perfect. The biggest “do not” when folding a parachute is wrapping the lines tightly around the parachute as it could constrict and pull tighter around it, which will end in a failure of the parachute. This is the best way to fold a Rocketman Parabolic Parachute, including our Standard 1.1oz, Pro X 1.9oz, Kevlar Parachute and our Ballistic Mach ll Models.

Click here for printable PDF parabolic parachute packing instructions.

  1. Just before your flight, raise your Rocketman parachute in the air, making sure all 4 lines are straight and that the loop is on the top of the parachute. Lay the parachute out on the ground, and make sure every connection/quick link are securely tight to the parachute and shock cords.

2. After the lines are straight, pull the parachute flat, and then fold it in half, this will make all 4 lines go into one nice orderly group.

3. The next step is to fold both sides into the middle tightly, this will make the parachute much easier to slide into your rocket. You may have to change how much the sides go in, depending on the diameter of your rocket.

4. Continue by folding the parachute in half again than zig zagging the main lines back and forth, onto the parachute. There’s many ways of doing this, but the idea is that the lines will be pulled and help open up the parachute much faster, in a neat order.

5. Once again, fold your parachute in half, this is your last fold, the loop at the top of the parachute should be seen. There’s 3 different ways you can continue, depending on your situation, if you’re using a deployment bag, flame shield, or “dog barf”.  

6a. One of the safest ways of deploying a parachute, is by using a Deployment Bag, which we sell. (Click Here) All of our deployment bags include a line, that is used to attach to the top of the parachute, to the inside of the deployment bag. This bag keeps the parachute from getting burned from black powder. Another purpose is the bag will be thrown into clean air, before the parachute opens.

6b. The next step is to slide the parachute into the deployment bag, and then fold the flap over the bag.

6c. The parachute is now ready to be installed into the rocket, flap facing downwards.

7a. The second way to pack a parachute is by using a Flame Shield, which we also sell on our website. (Click Here) Start off by attaching the parachute to the flame shield, and then placing the parachute to one side of it.

7b. The next step is to start burrito wrapping the parachute, by rolling the flame shield.

7c. The last step of folding is to fold in the sides tightly.

7d. Lastly, slide the flame shield/parachute, into your rocket as normal.

8. The third way to continue is by sliding the parachute into the rocket, and use dog barf (cucluse) to protect your parachute.

9. Launch your rocket!

Click here for printable PDF parabolic parachute packing instructions.