HAB Kit Complete Package

Our Rocketman HAB Complete Package is the most reliable and affordable near-space kit available on the market. Every part has been carefully designed and tested by our engineering team for maximum reliability and performance. With our system, you will be among the stars in no time! We’ve designed our Rocketman HAB System with a low center of gravity, so it is almost impossible for our system to roll onto its side or upside down when it lands. Save 20% by ordering our Exclusive Deal!

600g Kaymont Weather Balloon Package… $420.00 (Saves 20%!)
1,000g Kaymont Weather Balloon Package… $450.00 (Saves 20%!)
1,200g Kaymont Weather Balloon Package… $500.00 (Saves 20%!)

GoPro Plank

GoPro Plank Bracket

Plank Bracket

SPOT Gen 4 GPS Bracket

Delta Flight Frame: Our frames are designed to be as light and strong as carbon fiber at a fraction of the cost. It forms the rugged backbone to which all the flight hardware is attached. Its unique design makes it a very stable platform for getting great footage from the edge of space.

3D Printed Camera Platform: This platform securely fastens the camera of your choice to the Delta Flight Frame using a ¼”-20 screw to get an incredible view of your payload in space!

Kaymont Weather Balloon: These high-quality weather balloons ensure you reach record-breaking altitudes. You have the option of selecting any size weather balloon we carry when purchasing our kit. The 600 g Weather Balloons and larger are for those who want to ensure they break 100,000 ft.

3ft Rocketman Parachute: Our Rocketman Parachutes are explicitly designed for the edge of space flights and manufactured in-house. These chutes are exceptionally reliable and have a loop at the top for the shock cord to connect to the base of the balloon. They are only 4-lines so do not tangle or twist on accent. On decent they’re very stable and will not oscillate or spin like all other balloon chutes.

4ft Long Three-Point Recovery Harness: Ensures the payload will remain stable during flight and will prevent your payload from rocking back and forth. This will help creating smooth video as the balloon turns, the platform will remain still.

2- 12 Feet Long Spectra Shock Cords: The 1st cord attaches between the balloon and parachute top loop. When the balloon bursts keeping 12ft distance is needed so the balloon does not interfere with the parachute. The second spectra cord attaches between the parachute bridal to your payload. This arrangement ensures everything is separated and the payload does not interfere with the air getting into the parachute.

Weather Balloon Inflator: Our Weather Balloon Inflator allows you to safely inflate your weather balloon very easily, the inflator has a regulator that reduces the helium tank pressure from 3,000 psi to 80 psi, this ensures that you won’t blow your balloon up. In addition, they have a filter that prevents any impurities/dust going into your balloon. The 5ft long air hose is kink resistant and is rated for temperatures from -40 to 140 degrees F!

Weather Balloon Filling Anchor: Allows convenient filling of your weather balloon, and a firm Spiral Ground Anchor to secure your balloon too while filling your weather balloon with helium. The included rope slides directly over the inflator neck.

3D Printed Tracker Platform: Securely fastens a tracker, such as the Spot GPS Gen 3 / 4 or Spot Trace onto the platform using zip ties.

Payload Platform:  A Hard Maple Wood Platform that is ⅛”x3”x24” used to attach any payload for the camera to look at or to mount to an excess battery back.

Parts Included: 
1- 3ft Rocketman Parachute 
Weather Balloon of your choice (600g, 1,000g, 1,200g)
2- 12ft Spectra Shock Cords
1- Weather Balloon Inflator
1- 5,000-gram Spring Scale
1- Weather Balloon Filling Anchor Kit
3- 22” Long ⅜” Square Dowel Rods
1- ⅛”x3”x24” Maple Wood Plank
1- 3 Point Harness with Swivel
1- 3D Printed GoPro/Plank Bracket
1- 3D Printed GoPro Bracket
1- 3D Printed Tracker Bracket
1- 3D Printed Plank Bracket
4- 8-32 Screws
8- Wood Screws
3- 8-32 Eye Bolts with Nuts

What’s Required:
69 cubic feet of helium (600-gram version)
75 cubic feet of helium (1,000-gram version)
98 cubic feet of helium (1,200-gram helium)
4 AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries
Micro SD card (32 GB or larger)
Any camera of your choice, GoPros and RunCams are preferred
Any tracker of your choice, Spot Gen 4 or Spot Trace is recommend


Weight (with batteries / parachute / GoPro) 600 g / 1.3 lb
Maximum Takeoff Weight1200 g / 4.0 lb
Frame Diameter61 cm / 24 inches
Rocketman Parachute Size1.0 m / 36 inch
600 g Balloon Burst Altitude
1,000 g Balloon Burst Altitude
1,200 g Balloon Burst Altitude
95,000 ft
105,000 ft
110,000 ft
Typical Ascent Time90 minutes
Typical Descent Time45 minutes