3-Point and 4-Point HAB Harnesses

  • These harnesses are made of braided Spectra that is extremely light weight which makes it perfect for weather balloons.
  • There are 3 or 4 lines; each one is 5 feet long, has a 1” loop on each end that is finger trapped and then sewn with Kevlar thread.
  • At the one end is a sewn in, high speed, ball bearing swivel rated for 500-pounds! The swivel ensures that the payload remains stable, so your recovery does not twist, but also that the cameras on your payload do not rapidly spin on accent.
  • On the other end are 4 open loops, with eyebolts, these eyebolts have a 1” thread with 8/32” nuts. These eyebolts can be mounted through your platform.
3 – Point Spectra Weather Balloon Harness… $25.00
4 – Point Spectra Weather Balloon Harness… $25.00