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Deployment Bags

Rocketman deployment bags serve a number of purposes. They not only give your parachute complete protection from the flame and heat, they also play a big part in clean air deployment. Because when the ejection occurs, the deployment bag keeps the parachute in it long enough to get it away from tangling on the fins and helps the parachute come out in an orderly fashion. We have sold thousands of these over the years. They are a must for High Power Rocketry.

Rocketman Enterprises offers 16 different size Deployment Bags. We have found out over the years it's almost imposable to fill ever need, because of all the different size tubing lengths, diameters etc. So we now offer to our customers at no extra charge.  We will  custom make you a deployment bag for a perfect fit. Just give us a call at 952-881-6260 and tell us the size of your parachute, the diameter and length of your parachute compartment

Deployment Bags
Made of 2,000 degree flame proof NOMEX fabric.

2ft. Deployment Bag $25.00

3ft. Deployment Bag $25.00

4ft. Deployment Bag $25.00

5ft. Deployment Bag $30.00

6ft. Deployment Bag $30.00

7ft. Deployment Bag $30.00

8ft. Deployment Bag $40.00

9ft. Deployment Bag $40.00

10ft. Deployment Bag $40.00

12ft. Deployment Bag $55.00

14ft. Deployment Bag $55.00

16ft. Deployment Bag $65.00

18ft. Deployment Bag $65.00

19ft. Deployment Bag $80.00

20ft. Deployment Bag $80.00

24ft. Deployment Bag $85.00

30ft. Deployment Bag $95.00

36ft. Deployment Bag $105.00

40ft. Deployment Bag $115.00

50ft. Deployment Bag $120.00

60ft. Deployment Bag $130.00

If ordering outside the US, please call for shipping and handling charges.
ROCKETMAN Hotline 952-881-6260


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