¼ Scale Dragster Parachutes

These ¼ dragster parachutes are a four line parabolic cup chute just like the ones used on fuel scale top fuel dragsters, and funny cars. The chute is reinforced and is very durable, with a loop at the top of the parachute for a pilot chute to tie too. The pilot chute is a spring that compacts very small, but is ejected by a servo, which pulls the main parachute very quickly into clean air. The pack is easy to mount, with grommets on the back to mount to with bolts or zip ties.

¼ Scale Dragster Parachute

Dragster Parachute… $49.50 / Colors may varyAdd to Cart

Parachute Pack

Parachute Pack… $45.50 / Colors may varyAdd to Cart

Spring Loaded Pop Chute

Spring Loaded Pop Chute… $50.50 / Colors may varyAdd to Cart

Servoless Payload Release

Servoless Payload Release… $35.50Add to Cart

1/4 Scale Dragster Package Deal

1/4 Scale Dragster Package Deal… $155.00 / Colors may varyAdd to Cart

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