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Ky Michaelson is a true American Rocketman.  Ky has built more rocket-powered vehicles and set more records using rocket power than anyone else on this earth.  Ky is also the founder of the C.S.X.T. Team.  On May 17th, 2004, the CSXT Team was the first team to officially get licensed build and launch a rocket into space.  The rocket reached a record speed of 3,420 mph in and an altitude of 72 miles up.

Below is a list of items available in Ky The Rocketman's Store:

  • High and Low Powered Rocket Parachutes
  • High Altitude Balloon Payload Recovery Parachutes
  • Drogue Chutes
  • Deployment Bags
  • Hang Glider Drogue Chutes
  • Parachutes & Packs For Model Airplanes, UAV, RPV
  • Pilot Chute for Drag Racing Bonneville NHRA
  • Kevlar Flame Proof Chutes
  • Drift Chutes
  • 1/4 Scale Dragster Chutes
  • Kevler & Nylon Webbing
  • Flame Shields

We accept Purchase Orders from schools and universities. Simply add your items to your shopping cart in our store. Once you do so, copy your order on the checkout page and "cut and paste" it into an email. Then email it to and we will process your order.


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ROCKETMAN Hotline 952-881-6260


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