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My Rocket-Propelled Life and High-Octane Creations

This is a very informal book soon to be released on DVD based upon my personal recollection of an evolution thattook the racing world by storm, and raised the bar for top fuel dragsters, the reigning kings of breakneck speeds. Think back to the dawning of the space age, to mans quest for walking on the moon, experiencing G forces never before dreamed of, and racecars traveling at speeds never thought imaginable on drag strips throughout the country and you’ve entered the world of Hydrogen Peroxide rocket car racing. The cars turned into land locked missiles, and gave new meaning to the term land speed record. I say this because when you think of speeds of over 300 mph, you immediately think of the Bonneville Salt Flats, but these cars brought these speeds to drag strips 30 years ago to just about every state in the USA.

I was fortunate enough to work side by side with those modern day gladiators who pushed their own human limits as they burst onto the scene in these wondrous missile-like vehicles. It was my era, and I dove into it with all my heart, soul, and sweat. Hopping along with everyone else to achieve goals and records never thought possible.

I was witness to the thousands upon thousands of spectators all over the globe who became trilled, and amazed and educated as they embraced the new sport of rocket car racing.

Though this phenomenon only lasted about 10 years, most track and state land speed records achieved during this era still stand today some 30 years later. It was a time of spills, chills, victories, defeats and oftentimes tragedy, it’s a part of American racing history I feel the need to share in my own words…and as I experienced it, and remember it. There are over 150 photos, ads, and illustrations. Plus photos of other exotic rocket powered vehicles.

Rocket Power

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Ky making the first run in his Pollution Packer sponsored rocket car.

The Vulcan Shuttle burning up the track.

Ky's Conklin Comet Rocket Car
and the Navy's Blue Angel.

Vern Anderson next to Jerry hehn's rocket car, The American Dream.

Dave Anderson has piloted the Pollution Packer powered dragter to 13 world and four state speed acceleration records. Top quarter mile of 297 MPH in 5.35 secs. Set by Dave at the Winternational Drag Meet at Pomona, California.

Great Lakes Dragaway 1978 newspaper ad

Kitty O'Neil set 1977 record for .25 mile

1977 was the year... Kitty O'Neil was the driver...Ky Michaelson was the mastermind...Space Age Racing was the team... a record in the quarter-mile was the goal. Not only did the team reach their goal, they smashed it! Kitty ran the quarter-mile in 3.22 seconds at a speed of 412 mph.

Ky has a history of setting or breaking speed records that spans over 20 years. Many of those records still stand to this day. For approximately 10 years, Ky traveled across the U.S. going after landspeed records using rocket powered vehicles. He set 72 state, national and international records with Hydrogen Peroxide powered vehicles. His cars were the first to run sub fie and sub-four second runs on an NHRA track.They were also the first to run 300 and 340+ mph on an NHRA track.

Ky had the first Funny Car to run in the three second range at over 300 mph.

These cars set records in the eigth-mile, 500 meter and the Kilometer as well. As mentioned previously, many of these records still stand to this date.

Ky Michaelson has Restored the Worlds
Fastest Rocket Powered Dragster

Ky has complety restored the Worlds fastest Rocket Powered Dragster that set many records in the seventy's, that still stand to this day. The car is available for car shows, commercials, or promotional events. The fee for a three day event is $10,000 plus expenses for further information contact Ky at 952-884-5870.

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