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Flame Shields

Flame Shields

Rocketman Enterprise uses only the best material in all of our products. Our Flame shields are made out of blended Kevlar and Nomex fabric. They are surged and sewn with Kevlar thread to prevent fraying. If your looking to protect your parachute from heat and flames. Rocketman Flame shields will do the job. When making the selection on which one to purchase, make sure it will completely wrap around your parachute to get complete protection.

RHFS9 / 9"  $15.00
RHFS12 / 12" $ 17.00 
RHFS16 / 16" $ 21.00
RHFS24 / 24" $25.00 
RHFS30 / 30" $32.00 


If ordering outside the US, please call for shipping and handling charges.
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