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Anton loved his Guns.

My grand Father Anton Michaelson was a Jeweler and Watch maker for over 50 years.

My Grand father Anton looking for the bad guys.

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My Great Grand mother celebrates her 94th birthday.

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My Great Grand Father George Maxon was born in 1860, passes away.

Anton checking out the sight on one of his guns.

My Dad and Mother on old tractor.

The main Street of Lanesboro Minnesota where my family once lived.

My Great uncle John making a practice Jump on his bike at Wonderland park.

Where my Great Grand father
Maxon lived.

My third cousin Christianson

My Great uncle Willie Michaelson born on Nov. 2 1878.

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My Dad and God Father
Captain Carr Griffith.

My Dad in eighth grade at Zumbrota High school.

My Dad in hardware store with old radios for sale.

My Great great grand Father George Edward Maxon, born in 1860
My Grand Father Tom, and uncle Warren.

My Great uncle with his Studabaker.

The City hall in my my Home town of Zumbrota on fire in 1924.

The old covered bridge in my home town of Zumbrota Minnesota.

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