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My Great Grand Father Helge Michaelson Came over on a boat from Stavanger Norway.

My Grand Father Anton and Grand Mother Maud, and Warren.

My Grand Father Anton Michaelson born in 1877 and Grand Mother Maud.

My great Grand Father Helge Michaelson Born in 1849, Grand Mother Caroline born in 1848 with my Grand Father, Aunts and Uncles.

My God Mother Naomi

My Aunt May

Anton Michaelson Jewelry story.

My Great Grand parents Helge and Caroline Michaelson.

My Uncle Warren Maxon standing in front of his Black Smith Shop in Ladysmith Wisconsin.

My Mother's Mother and Stepfather

My Great uncle Jack "John" or "The great Michaels" Michaelson.

My Great uncle Walter Michaelson and his wife Verna.

Super Joe Einhorn

Julia Michaelson Born May 7 1881 With husband and children.

My great uncle Joe Michaelson
Born in 1883.

My Great Grand Father, Helge"Andrew" Michaelson cutting wood for a long cold winter. On his Land Claim in Pennington County S.D.

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My Grandmother harvesting
wheat by hand.

My Mother's Mother and Father taking a coffee break.

My Mother's family


Ky standing next to a Minneapolis Motorcycle built by his family.

Michaelson Motorcycle motor

Michaelson Muffler Patent

My Grand Father Anton Michaelson was one of the top marksmen around.

My grand Father Anton's history in his hand writing.

Grand Father Anton, Grand Mother Maud and my Dad Howard.

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