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Rocketman Enterprises congratulates Gene Nowaczyk's

Picture with Gene Nowaczyk and The Rocketman Ky Michaelson holding a Rocketman chute next to Genes record setting Rocket.

Rocketman Enterprises congratulates Gene Nowaczyk's for his record setting flight at Balls 2006 event. Gene's rocket came close to 100K setting an all time Tripoli sponsored event recorded. Rocketman enterprises is also proud to have played a part in Gene's successful flight. Gene used one of Rocketman Ballistic Drogue chutes on his rocket.

Rocketman Enterprise manufactures Ballistic chutes that come in many sizes 2FT to 20Ft. The fact is that more Rockets that have been flown over 20.000.feet have been recovered with Rocketman chutes then any other rocket chute on the market. The Rocketman chutes were also used on the The Go Fast C.S.X.T. Rocket. The first amateur Rocket into Space. You are in good hands with Rocketman.


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