Are Taking Up Space!

In the midst of its second full year, Mission HOME continues to deliver thew excitement and opportunities of Space to hometowns across the country.

   This year's campaign has carried the promise of Space directly to Americans in key geographic areas through nedia tours and grass-tops outreach programs. Famous astronauts, top space industry and public officials have joined forces to personally communicate the practical benefits of civil, commercial and military space endeavors.
Space tachnology has played a key role in the campaign, this year, by enabling Americans, everywhere, to learn more about the successes of our national space activities through newspapers, television, and the internet.




Midway through its amazing second year, Mission HOME is:

Inspiring young minds with the endless opportunites and benefits of Space.

Rewarding and motivating educators who use Space as a learning incentive.

Meeting and recruiting advocates of all ages and backgrounds in their hometowns.

Increasing consumer awareness with the "Applying American Space Technology" seal of approval

Reaching millions with the Mission HOME message through a divers media and advertising campaign.





National Space Society
United States Space Foundation





Ball Aerospace & Technologies
The BOEING company
Hughes Aerospace & Comm.
Pratt & Whitney
Space News
Lockheed Martin
McDonnell Douglas Aerospace





Allied-Signal Aerospace
Eastman Kodak Commercial
Hamilton Standard
Honeywell, Inc.
Space Systems
Thiokol Corp.
TRW Space & Electronics
United Space Alliance





Analytical Graphics
Fleet Industries
BF Goodrich Aerospace
Scentific Imaging technologies





The Aerospace Corporation
Armed Forces Journal Inter.
Congressional Quarterly
Fleishman-Hillard, Inc.
McKnight & Company
Via Satellite Magazine
Washington Post
The Weekly Standard





Association of SSpace Explorers
Aerospace Industries Association