The Green Mamba
Lights Up The Night in Minnesota

Ky Michaelson stands next to his longtime friend and fellow "Rocket Rebel", Doug Rose.
Rose is the owner of this awesome looking car notoriously known as the "GREEN MAMBA".
For those of you interested in obtaining a piece of history, the GREEN MAMBA is up for sale for a cool $500,000!
Look at it thisway, You could own the world biggest wiener roaster!


The GREEN MAMBA was in Minnesota recently at Raceway Park in Shakopee, MN.
This shot shows it streaking down the back stretch of the track.


Ever been to a "CAR-B-CUE" before?
This is what happens to the grocery store owner's car when he told Ky and Doug that he didn't have
enough brats or burgers to feed the hungry crowd at Raceway Park