1998 Organization Launch Schedules

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 Albuquerque Rocket Society

Bill Cordova  Cordovtwo@aol.com

 BALLS 008

 Mark Clark (602) 948-3215

 Springfest '98

 Dennis Kieselhorst (909) 369-7484

TRIPOLI Portland

 Dennis Winningstad denwin@europa.com

 TRIPOLI Atlanta

Jamey Jenkins jenkins2@mindspring.com


 Ray Halm rocketwrks@aol.com


 Dennis Kieselhorst (909) 683-3440

ARS Launch Info '98

Sponsored by: Albuquerque Rocket Society

The Albuquerque Rocket Society launches the second saturday of each month at

the Rio Rancho Balloon Park. Hours are from 9:00 am-5:00 pm weather permitting.

8000'agl with a one hour window to 10,000'. For more information, go to


Thanks! Bill Cordova . email :Cordovtwo@aol.com

BALLS 008 (Aug. 2 & 3)

Sponsored by: Arizonia Tripoli and NERO

The dates for BALLS 008 are August 2 & 3. We will be setting up on August 1. The launch will be hosted by Arizonia Tripoli and NERO. No certified motors will be allowed. This is purely an experimental launch and we will be using the Tripoli Research Rules.

If you are building a project for this launch, contact Mark Clark at (602) 948-3215. If you need a room, I strongly suggest that you call Bruno's at (702) 557-2220. I 've got a feeling that more AP will be burnt at this launch than all of the other Tripoli luanches in 1998 combined.

The August 2 & 3 dates were chosen to accomodate those individuals who have to travel long distances to attend the LDRS and BALLS launch. This way you can go to the BALLS launch on the 2 & 3, then drive up to Wendover, Utah and attend LDRS on August 6 - 9. Sounds to me like one heck of a good vacation for those who love to hear the sound and smell of High Power Rocketry.

Spring is in The Air!

Get Ready for SPRINGFEST '98 Rocketry Launch
March 13, 14, 15

This years launch is slated for March 13, 14 and 15 in El Dorado, Nevada.

15,000 ft. waiver with probable window

For information, contact Dennis Kieselhorst at (909) 369-7484 or check out the website:


Tripoli Portland / NAR Section 555

1998 Launch Schedule

April 25-26 Sheridan,OR

May 23-24-25 Millican, OR

Sep 26-27 Sheridan,OR

Oct 24-25 Milllican, OR

For further information contact Dennis Winningstad denwin@europa.com


Jamey Jenkins #5295, Secretary of Tripoli Atlanta Rocketry Association -TARA
Web site is http://tara.xyzzy.net Dale Windsor -prefect TARA dalewindsor@mindspring.com 770-425-7708 OR Jamey Jenkins-secretary TARA jenkins2@mindspring.com 770-358-0762


March 14th and 15th 1998 Mick Wilkins Memorial Sport Scale Meet 98 (MWMSSM 98)

Super Sod Grass Farm -Ft.Valley Georgia "TWO" HIGH POWER Sport Scale Events this year sponsored by TARA Prefecture #16 "H and I" sport scale, and "J and above" sport scale.

All NAR Sport Scale Events. These are sponsored by our sister NAR section SoAR. Lots of Great Prizes, You may enter on either Sat. or Sun. for static judging.All competition flights by 3:00pm Sunday , PLEASE.

PLEASE notify us if you will need a TRA certification test or flight prior to this event. As always we will have lot's of sport flying up to L class motors . 10,000' waiver at all launches.


June 20th and 21st 1998 COSMOS FUN LAUNCH

We always have a fun theme for this launch, this year it is the UFO FUN EVENT. We are expecting some great entries this year, from small UFO's up to High Power UFO's Low Power, Mid Power, and High Power. We fly rockets of all sizes up to L class motors. All sport flyers welcome. 10,000' waiver at all launches.


September 19th and 20th 1998 SOM- 4 NAR Sanctioned Regional Meet

Sponsored by NAR section SoAR


Tripoli Atlanta TARA is the co-sponsor of this launch. As always we will have lot's of Sport Flying, up to L class motors 10,000' Waiver at all launches.


December 19th and 20th 1998 COSMOS Sport Launch

TRA altitude attempts scheduled.

This launch date may change and will be updated later in the year.


Geneseo, NY

July 3-5th

contact Ray Halm at 716-634-1396 or Rocketwrks@aol.com

NYPOWER 98 website http://members.aol.com/twny/events/nypower/index.htm


Sponsored by: LTR

Lucerne Dry Lake Bed

June 6 & 7

Contact Dennis Keiselhorst @ (909) 683-3440