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Jet Cars

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Bob Smith in the Untouchable Jet Car.

Valkyrie Jet racing Greer, Black , and Prudome dragster.

Two Jet Funny cars on the line.

Larry Kisha Odyssey Jet Car

Walt Arfons Green Monster against Fred Sibleys US-1.

Walt Arfons Jet Car driven by Paula Murphy at Bonneville Salt Flats.

Roger Gustin Untouchable Jet Car.

Six Jets on starting line.

Star Warz Jet Car at Great Lakes Dragways.

Fred Sibley in the STP Jet Car.

Doug Rose Green Mamba on the line.

Doug Rose, and the Green Mamba melting a car.

Art Arfons Jet 1969 at Bristol Tennessee.

Art Arfons Cyclops Jet Car at Minnesota Dragways.

Bobby Tatro against Doug Rose, Green Momba.

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