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Jet Cars

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Bobbie Tatro in Walt Arfons jet Mustang.

Doug Rose Racing against Studnicka at Green Valley.

Bob Motz Wild Fire jet car.

The Hugger Jet Funny car driven by Bob Motz.

Doug Rose against Les Shockley.

Art Afons turbine powered tractor.

Fred Sibley 12 cyl. Ranger powered dragster ran 186 mph in 1963.

Doug Rose Green Mamba

Doug Rose in his Green Mamba.

Art Malone with his jet and top fuel dragster.

Lee Austin Driving the Avenger Jet Car.

Les Shockley's jet car with three chutes out.

Two of Walter Arfons Wing Foot Express verses up against his other car.

Walt Arfons Wing Foot Express.

Emergency -1 jet car with chute out.

Computation vs Wildfire jet car.

E.J. Potter on his jet bike.

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