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Tempratures and Rockets Rise

June 14, 14 & 15 Flagstaff, Arizona

Great visability, low winds and some of the nicest rockets in the country! When you are a rocket entusiast, this sounds like rocket heaven, but it wasn' was the 1997 Springfest Launch sponsored by LTR and NERO. Over 200 flyers participated in one of the best launches that I have ever attended. Vendors included Atomic Rockets, Aerotech, Delta V, Vuaghn Brothers, Rocketman Enterprises, Advanced Propulsion Systems (they demonstrated their new line of rocket motors) and even Frank kosdon was there looking better than ever in his same old shorts and T-shirt after bouncing back from triple bypass surgery. (Great to have you back Buddy!)

The 3 Scientific Amigos-- from left to right--Frank Kosdon, Ky Michaelson and Gary Rosenfield
Witness the end of Rikki Rockett's machine just seconds after liftoff! Can you say "CATO?"
Mark Clark, Jim Cornwall and Robin Meredith brought their "HELLBOUND CHILD" rocket powered trike to match-up against Ky Michaelson's "SPEED RACER" car.

Michaelson's "SPEED RACER" was powered by an Advanced Propulsion Systems K650 "Redeye" motor. It handled the rough desert course without a hitch. The "HELLBOUND CHILD" trike , powered by a k550, ripped the arms right off of the little stuffed rider...Kids, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!

Ken Fenwall launched this monster at night! It looked like the space shuttle lifting off.

His launch was for his level 3 certification. His 10 ft. tall, 18.4" diameter rocket was powered by a M-1419 Aerotech motor. He just got this flight in under the waiver with only 2 mintues to spare! He had full deployment and the rocket was recovered.


The Vaughn Brothers debuted their "HOBGOBLIN" rocket kit

The "RED DRAGON" rocket of Steve Cello was hands down the most beautiful rocket of the meet.

Robert Huthinson featured a rear ejection chute deployment technique that was succesful on 2 out of 3 flights. The third time wasn't so lucky...let's just say he didn't have enough "POOP FOR THE CHUTE"! His doomed bird went nose first, 2 ft. into the desert floor. The protruding 3 ft. of airframe was left in the ground to act as a marker for next years launch.

Jim Cornwall, most notorious for his giant "MOSQUITO" rockets, showed up at this year's meet with something just a tad smaller. He featured a 1 foot long by 5" diameter "CRAYOLA CRAYON" shaped baby bottle rocket! you had to see it to believe it! He says the secret to its flight success is that it's powered by, what else but... BREAST MILK!!!

Steve Peterson has been trying to get rid of his ex-wife for some time now. His ex-wife has actually been immortalized inthe form of a high-powered rocket with a mannequin head attachhed for a nosecone. Steve was seen dragging the rocket to the launch pad by it's fins like a caveman! He powered the "EX-WIFE" with a k185 motor, unfortunately, he was going for a level 2 certification so he had to use a chute for recovery...and just like a nagging, whining, money-sucking came back to haunt his life another day with a successful recovery! Better luck next time Steve.

John Paulson had the best CATO of the meet...his machine literally dissentigrated! His PHOENIX scaled rocket made by California Consumer Aeronautics was powered by a L952 reloadable motor...KA-BOOM!


Springfest '97 Video Available April 1st


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