America’s new rocket launch resource, Orbital Expressways, Inc., is open for business.

Low-cost space access is more than a promise. Orbital Expressways delivers with two launches this year.

May 15, 2003 (Minneapolis, Minnesota). While other would-be rocket launch companies are merely promising the stars, Orbital Expressways delivers with two commercial launches in 2003.

Through Orbital Expressways, low-cost space access is now available for civil, commercial, scientific, government / military, and university customers that wish to perform research, experiments, and other missions throughout and above the Earth’s atmosphere.

Two launch initiatives announced for 2003:

The company has already been contracted for two launches in 2003 by Paragon Astronautics,

• June 2003 -- 75,000 ft. endo-atmosphere research flight
• September 2003 -- 62 mi. / 100 km space research flight
(Source:  Paragon Astronautics, Inc.)

Launch centers:

Orbital Expressways, Inc. will begin its 2003 operations in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, and is currently working on additional launch sites and facilities located in Nevada and in other areas of the continental U.S.

A variety of essential launch services:

Orbital Expressways, Inc. provides a variety of launch services for sub-orbital vehicles, including:

• Mission planning
o Launch and landing site determination
o Trajectory simulation work, including detailed dispersion analysis
o Hazards analysis

• U.S. government approvals
o FAA licensing
o BLM approvals
o Environmental impact assessment

• Launch operations
o Portable launcher with five-person Launch Control Center
o Fixed 20,000-pound launcher with 40-foot rail (under development)
o Wind-weighting services
o Hardware post-launch retrieval
o Insurance acquisition
o Certified launch crew
o Radar tracking
o Telemetry receiving

• Launch vehicle processing facilities
o Power, heat, water, phones, Internet access
o Roll-away vehicle processing facility

• Consultation services
o Launch vehicle design
o Stability and accuracy considerations
o Vehicle-to-launcher rail integration

Avionics capabilities:

Custom and modular:

• Data recorders
• Video
• 3-axis accelerometers
• 3-axis magnetometers
• Telemetry broadcast
• Tracking and recovery beacons

Mission profiles:

Orbital Expressways offers support for a wide variety of rocketry missions, including:

• Commercial / scientific microgravity research
• Meteorological research
• “Threat simulators” for SDI / missile-defense-system testing
• Sounding rockets
• University launch vehicles and programs, including high-altitude and space launches
• “Rockets for Schools” programs (providing educational opportunities worldwide)
• Other endo- and exo-atmospheric programs

Additional services:

The company offers a number of specialized launch services for its customers, including:

• Motor casing hydro pressure-certification testing
• Propulsion static tests of solid, liquid, and hybrid motors
• Advanced-technology development programs
o High-performance hybrid rocket motors
o Wind weighting system advanced technology
o Portable Wind Tower development for remote launch operations
o Portable tracking and telemetry systems
o Usage of GPS systems for sounding rocket applications

For more information regarding Orbital Expressways, Inc. and its services, please call 952.884.5870. Or e-mail

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