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High Power Wheelchair

Development of Rocket Powered Wheel Chair and Rocket Car were best cure for Cabin Fever.

This winter was a long one for the hardy folks of Minnesota. Finding constructive things to do to fight off the ho-hums of winter was a challenge for most people. But for some folks, the best cure for the winter blues came inthe form of "blue prints". For Ky Michaelson, those blue prints exist only in his amazing memory. You see, Ky has the uncanny ability to visualize a project in his mind then build it from scratch...without a written plan or instruction guide.

Ky has been contemplating his mobility once he reaches his golden years, so he decided to plan ahead by developing a rocket powered form of getting around. Imagine being 84 years old and going to the grocery store in this... A rocket powered "Wheel Chair"Powered Wheel Chair.

Ky's Rocket Powered Wheel Chair

The frameworks is aluminum, it has rack and pinion steering, and is powered by q 350 pound thrust Hydrogen Peroxide Rocket motor. With 400 MPH plus High Performance Bonneville tires and spun aluminum wheels. The stainless steel tank holds 3.5 gallons of 90% Hydrogen Peroxide.

Aluminum Rack & Pinion Steering

Tank holds 3.5 gallons of fuel

Ky is the type of person whose mind never stops churning out ideas. His shop isfull of projects inthe make with parts, pieces, gadgets and gizmos all over the place. It's astonishing how he isable to track every step of a project without writing anything down. Ky's winterwizardry didn't stop with the rocket powered wheel chair. He next began building this high performance, unmanned, radio controlled rocket car. Made from machined aluminum and an aluminum frame work, the front of the car has canards that will increase the downforce in order to keep the car in contact with the ground.

Front end of car shows the canards and dorsal steering fin

Rear view shows the nozzle for the O-10,000 motor

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