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Ky has a permanent display at the Minnesota History Center, so if your in the Twin City area stop by and see it.
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Kitty O'Neil's
Land Record Speed Car
Ky standing by Kitty O'Neil's Land Record Speed Car

Ky Michaelson Standing next to the Kitty O’Neil car that was used in Kitty’s life story on CBS, called Silent Victory. Shortly after the production ended the car was stole out of her shop in Fillmore California. The theft was reported to the Fillmore Police Department.  Kitty’s dream was to use this car to set a new land speed record, and eventually go through the speed of sound with the car. Kitty asked me to post this letter in hopes that the car will be returned to her.

Kitty's letter to Butch
Click on letter above to enlarge.

Welcome to the ROCKETMAN's
Space Museum Gallery.
Here you'll find a collection
of rare rocketry related photos
and memorabilia from national
and International space programs.



History of the Michaelson Motorcycle




Rockets & the Rocketman take center stage on the set of Junkyard wars


LARGEST COLLECTION of Turbonique propaganda EXCLUSIVELY by the Rocketman!
















































































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The Space Show hosted by Dr. David Livingston

The Astronaut Farmer
Robo Rocketman


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About Ky
What's New

If you want to talk about humanity’s limitations—about what we can’t imagine, can’t create, can’t solve—don’t call Ky Michaelson. He won’t understand what you’re saying. Michaelson doesn’t trade in impossibility. If that word has any meaning at all to the Minnesota-born inventor and rocketeer, it simply indicates something that hasn’t been done yet. And doing what hasn’t been done is a Michaelson specialty. How else could a man set dozens of national and international speed records, create mind-blowing stunts that changed the look of Hollywood films, and lead the first private team of rocketeers to send a rocket into space?

Dar Robinson, one of the most revered stuntmen of the 20th Century, called Michaelson an “imagineer.” Rather than start with physical rules and limits and what others have done before, Michaelson begins with the goal, then builds in his mind the machine required to achieve it. Sure, he relies on science. It’s been his passion since grade school. But while most scientists will delve into the literature, Michaelson came to school at a disadvantage.
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Rocket Powered Bike He Calls Gizmo

Ky is busy this winter building three new rocket powered vehicles for his collection. Hear is a picture of his latest creation a rocket powered bike he calls Gizmo. It will be powered by two hybrid rocket motors. Ky would like to thank Jim Wilson from for the custom wheels and Gary Silva from for the bouncer front forks. Ky will have his world's largest collection of rocket powered vehicles on display at the Bloomington Art Center in August of 2006 watch the Rocketman web site for further details.

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TMT Certification
Rocketman Enterprises is proud to announce that their 54mm Aft End closures have been approved by TMT for all 54mm motors. The 38mm is approved for the 720 cases and below.The 29mm. is approved for the G77R. TMT is in the process of approving the rest of the
Rocketman Aft End closures.


On Monday May 17th, the Civilian Space Exploration Team launched the first amateur rocket into space.

The rocket, dudded 'Go Fast' reached a comfirmed altitude of 77 miles. The edge of space is officially 62 miles.

CSXT team leaders
Ky Michaleson & Jerry Larson celebrate becoming the first civilians to reach space.

Check out the CSXT website for more details

For further information, interviews, or public appearances, contact;
Ky Michaelson : (952) 884-5870 •

New "BELL AFT END" Enclosures
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History of the famed Minnesota Snowmobile...COMING SOON
What-cha-ma-callits, Doo-hickies & Thing-a-ma-bobs...
Toys for Big Kids

Complete historic background, as told by
Ky Michaelson, project engineer for this
Minnesota made innovation.

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We're releasing a limited number of copies to the public. Brochure covered Hydrogen Peroxide motors, parts and accessories from our early years. This rare brochure was one of the earliest if not the only one of its kind at that time!

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