Craig Breedlove & Spirit of America
Go After Landspeed Record

The Spirit of America landspeed car piloted by Craig Breedlove

Speeds in excess of 700 mph are the goal!


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The Amazing Spirit of engineering masterpiece!


The crew of the Spirit of America. Major sponsors like Shell Oil and Ford motor corporation give the crew all the support they need.

 Ky "ROCKETMAN" Michaelson stands proudly with his hero and longtime freind Craig Breedlove. Ky has speed runningthrough his veins as a former rocket car driver himself.


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 Ky Michaelson and Pete Farnsworth have been freinds for many years. Farnsworth is the owner and builder of the "BLUE FLAME" rocketcar. His car held the land speed record for over 15 years at 622 mph. The car was driven by Gary Gabelich. Pete and Ky are in Black Rock to support Craig's atttempt.

 Jodi Michaelson and Craig Breedlove


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 Ky poses next to his old friend "Captain Ed", Ed Ballinger. Ed is a crew member onthe Spirit of America team. "Captain Ed" set many records himself in Ky's "CONKLIN COMET" rocket car.
   Portable garages and high tech semi-trailers come together to form a mobile lab and service area for the futuristic Spirit of America car.

 Spirit of America crew chief, Dezsor Molnar and the editor of Hot Rod Magazine, Peter Brock, look on as Ky takes a ride inthis jet powered go cart. The noise was ear piercing and you should have seenthe flames belching out ofthe back end.

Weather Forces Spirit of America
off The Playa

The season is over! The SOA team has loaded up and left the salt flats dueto inclimate weather. The rising water table made thoughts of record attempts vanish like water in the hot desert sun. Craig and his team will be back next year to prove that SOA can run with the best of them. We, at ROCKETMAN Enterprises, want to wish Craig the best of luck during the off-season and we'll be ready to follow him when his team heads back to the flats.

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