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New World ATV Land Speed Record

Terry Wilmeth sets new World ATV land speed record at 124.18 mph.

Congratulations to Terry Wilmeth for setting a new ATV speed record of 124.18 mph. On June 18, 2005. The record run was witnessed by officials of the Guinness World Record Book. The record was set on an ATV Raptor with a hybrid rocket assist, after the history-making run, Terry made this statement to the press. I won’t kid anybody in admitting that we struggled with some technical issues that had us baffled. After all, who would be nuts enough to install a rocket motor on an ATV Swing arm. To that particular end, I owe much of our success to Ky Michaelson the original Rocketman. He learned of our plight and unselfishly provided the technical insight we needed to take our motor to the next level. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for his help and creative support.

Again I would like to congrdulate Terry for his accomplishment. Like I have always said if you want to go fast put a rocket on it.

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